"L'AMÉRIQUE  LATINE  ET LA  CARAÏBE  DES LUMIÈRES - Une Franc-maçonnerie d'influence", Collectif sous la direction de Alain de Keghel, Préface de Pierre Mollier, Dervy.

Questa sera Alain de Keghel parlerà dell'America latina in diretta radio su "2 colonnes à la 1".

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Mes Amis.

Ce soir à partir de 20h je parlerai d'Amérique latine...sur cette antenne.


La Grande Loge Traditionnelle de France inaugura giovedì 2 novembre 2017 la prima loggia francofona di Florida a Tamarac, vicino a Fort Lauderdale. Il Maestro Venerabile fondatore di questa loggia, che si avvia con una decina di membri, è Christian Guérin, Presidente dell'Associazione dei massoni di Florida e massone da più di 25 anni.


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Pubblicato negli Stati Uniti d'America il Libro di Alain de Keghel "American Freemasonry - Its Revolutionary History and Challenging Future". Prima edizione italiana © ETICA Associazione Culturale, 2016  "La Sfida Massonica Americana - Tradizione e Cambiamenti a confronto".


American Freemasonry - The Noble Goal

An interview with author Alain de Keghel...

Q/ Why write American Freemasonry? What inspired Alain de Keghel to be the one to write it?  

A/ American Freemasonry is an issue which keeps rather controversial in some countries abroad, while people writing, reporting or simply delivering messages about it, not always simply knowing what matters. Quite often they sincerely believe to be aware but they never, by themselves, experienced American Freemasonry which is very diverse. America, as a whole, is a wide country and the addition of people of different creeds, different ethnic origins, different languages and specific cultural areas of origin, making together what we call the “melting pot”. And because I had myself the privilege to live in the USA for a long period of time, benefiting also from the Fraternity of American Masons before of that, for example in Germany and Japan, I felt that it may be useful to share this quite rare experience in writing a book without prejudice. Even though I keep of course a specific cultural French reference simply because my basic roots are there, I tried to do it without any partisan point of view. This requires being familiar with American history which includes also the political side.

Of course any one will agree that Freemasonry shouldn’t interfere in politics -- but nobody can ignore the geopolitical dimension of the origins of the American Revolution and the French-British competition of two major powers that included important Masonic Figures like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, La Fayette and of course George Washington. But we have to consider also other Freemasons and political actors like the Admirals Cornwallis and Grasse-Tilly who both took a decisive part along with Rochambeau in the famous battle of Yorktown (October 19, 1781) paving the way to the American independence.