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Tools and implements of the Information Age / Technology and the fraternity

Gary Dowling

What role does technology currently play in Masonry? What role can it play — as a business tool, to bring prospects to the lodge door; and as a communication tool, connecting brothers and even grand lodges? What are the challenges, limitations, and impact of social media? Of video? As technology advances, how will it change the fraternal experience? And how can we, as a worldwide fraternity, exchange information and knowledge to help each other forward?



Quality versus quantity / Membership standards in 21st-century lodges

Shay Maghame

Some lodges strive for membership rolls hundreds of names long. Others recommend a friendly split at 50 members. Some lodges confer all three degrees in one day; others require years. Do these differences represent a choice between quality and quantity – and what are the arguments for each? What does quality mean to the fraternity today: Does it change with the size of a lodge? How can lodges be selective without becoming too elitist; inclusive without becoming diluted? What are we looking for in our members, and what are young men today looking for in us?



On the level? / Tolerance in contemporary Masonry

Philip Durell

Respect. Appreciation. Individuality. Harmony. Tolerance, so essential to our global society, is woven through the lessons of Freemasonry, and plays a prominent role in the history of the fraternity. On a global scale, where is Masonry today? Are our practices as tolerant as our principles? Where has there been progress, and where do challenges still exist?



Legacy of liberty / Masons and the path to freedom 

Bill Mollere

From Benito Juarez to George Washington to the Marquis de Lafayette, Masons have played a historic role in shaping ideas about freedom, By inspiring a man to better himself and the world around him, Freemasonry positions him to be a champion for freedom, whether in his own home or on a larger scale. Does this legacy have a place in our modern times? What can a Mason do to promote liberty, and what are his limitations? Is he still poised to contribute to the global conversation on freedom, and if so, where will his voice have the greatest impact?



Universal benevolence / The charity of modern Masons

Mansour Hatefi

At the heart of Freemasonry is the promise of relief. In some countries, this has extended beyond the fraternity, with Masonic organizations giving millions of charitable dollars to their communities. What does charity mean in Masonry today? How do our community commitments affect the world around us? How do they affect our own fraternity, and our lodges’ ability to not only maintain themselves, but also support a growing number of widows and brothers in need? Are we still upholding our obligation to our brothers? How will we take care of one another in this new century?



Family ties / The relationship with concordant and appendant bodies

John L. Cooper III

Back in its formative days, the fraternity settled on three essential degrees. But this foundation also became a springboard, giving rise to new degrees and Masonic organizations beyond the lodge. The fraternity’s relationship with these concordant and appendant bodies has had its ups and downs over the centuries. What is that relationship today, and how might we define it for the future? What kind of authority should grand lodges have over these organizations? How can our blue lodges compete with them for member time and interest? With such an extensive family tree, how can we preserve the importance of the primary three degrees?



A world-wide connection / The role of the world conference

Allan Casalou

The World Conference explores the rich variety of our global fraternity, from what makes us different to what keeps us united. It is the start of a dialog that can continue and grow, reaching around the globe as we return home to contemplate the ideas exchanged here and continue the work we’ve begun. What impact has the World Conference made in the global fraternity? What have we learned? What might be the role of the conference in the next 25 years?





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